Abraham Wilson, the gamekeeper was on his way home, fagged by a long day in the woods. He jumped with surprise, as he entered the glade and found himself face to face with a huge, hairy and extremely ugly bear. The surprise of Abraham grew even bigger, when the abomination started to talk to him like a human. “Finally, I found you!”, it yelled and ran straight towards Abraham. He drew out his pocket knife, ready to wrestle. But the bear simply knocked him over and sat down on Abraham’s chest, seizing the knife. When the bear did not gut him, like Abraham expected, but started shaving itself. His eyes dilated, when the shaving revealed a comely female leg. Abraham’s astonishment grew even larger, when the freshly shaved woman turned out to be his wife Mira, who he thought had left him one month ago. However, she explained that she just wanted to buy some cigarettes, when she got lost in the woods. Therefore even though he was profoundly averse to smoking, the next day, Abraham bought his wife a valise, filled with cigarettes and they lived happily ever after.